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Our Approach

Our Vision is to get you to your highest goals (pun intended). In all seriousness with our training in rope descent using new or incorporated solutions for learning rescue training and supervision.


Our Story

Our expertise comes from professionalism and respect for heights. Enduring high risk jobs; window cleaning, installing bird repellent, to hanging electrical conduit on huge buildings. These and similar industries in heights calls for following Safety regulations within both State and Federal. Our story precedes us from our family members to now fellow industries and, associates that have unique job titles to work on both the construction of new projects, buildings, towers, etc. both new and existing. Labor that not just anyone can endure. But, where our wide ranges in industries that work in heights can train onĀ  an opportunity that all though "risky" one can do it all safely.


Meet the Team

Jose Pic on Scaffold

Jose Beltran

Founder & CEO

jenn on roof

Jennifer Beltran

Vice President

Executive Office Manager

Next Steps...

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